Every time the music teeters along the boundaries of your standard indie fare it satisfyingly withdraws and goes in multiple directions, keeping things fresh and interesting...Charming, graceful, engaging and utterly accessible.
— Sound & Silence Magazine
... rich, well-structured electro-chamber pop, each track boasting rich arrangements and invigorated performances from Buker’s band.
— Columbus Alive
...it’s his ultra-sweet melodies that set it apart, projecting more as impressionist painting with bright dabs of pastel rather than a rainy day confessional. We are not wallowing in Buker’s misery as much as we are celebrating spring after the thawing of winter.
— (614) Magazine
The whimsical is ever present, and combined with a release that has almost perfect timing, this is a record to be enjoyed thoroughly.
— iamtunedup.com
...pop awareness and ear-catching lyrics
— the Other Paper
...talented singers...a melancholy tone.
— Columbus Music Reviews

Dave Buker & the Historians

Quick to follow their win in Ohio’s CD102.5 Local Artist Showcase, as well as an opportunity to open for American rock band Spoon, Dave Buker And The Historians have enthusiastically introduced us to their third full length album entitled ‘It Moves In The Dark’. Less introspective than their previous albums,

‘It Moves In The Dark’ was written from the perspective of an onlooker describing in detail the raw human emotion to which people are often oblivious. Tracks like ‘How Long Can I Pretend’ reflect the complications bubbled by a relationship filled with doubt and complacency while the title track tells the story of a dissolving marriage crippled by infidelity. Human beings are complicated creatures; Dave Buker And The Historians aim to tell the stories that aren’t always easily told.

In 2015, the band launched a crowdfunding campaign, and one of the donation incentives included the donor telling the band a personally relevant story with the promise that the band would write a song about it. Here we are four years later and Dave Buker and The Historians have brought these stories to life.

“I couldn’t have reflected on other people’s stories that way when I was younger...The older you get, the higher the stakes are” - Dave Buker 

Dave Buker & the Historians is:

Dave Buker                                                                 Leanna Buker                                                             Timothy Jennings                                                     Joe Spurlock



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